How to learn languages easily

How to learn languages easilyYou want to become a polyglot and know at least 5 languages but you consider learning foreign languages as a tough process? If you properly use the power of your brain, learning can become much faster and more enjoyable process. Let’s go through three ways of successful learning.

Use associations

The method of association is loved by many students. The maim principle of it is to learn a word, you need to come up with an association in your mother language. You can make your own associations or find in the Internet, it’s more important, that they are clear to you and easy to remember. So it will be easier to increase the vocabulary of the English language. The learning will be more effective if you make a verbal association, and visualize it, pronouncing the word, let the image to become the most funny and memorable. It’s even better to imagine dynamic picture with your personal presence. The more vivid the image will be, the easier it is to remember the word.

Surround yourself with the words you want to learn

Learning the words, you can use cards: layout them around the house, so they are always conspicuous. Let us remember where we spend a lot of time? Of course, using the computer! Use technologies to your advantage: write on the screen saver 5-10 words, in a few days you will remember them well. More effective way is to use a special program that will run in the background, that is, words will pop up while you work on your computer at specified intervals. Examples of such programs: Words, Sensei, LMBomber etc. Similar applications you can install on your smartphone or tablet. It is enough 10-20 minutes daily to feel the progress.

Install special apps

Not everyone has the time to write cards with words or draw mind maps. But the developers of applications for mobile devices have already solved this problem: now you can install different programs on your smartphone or tablet and learn foreign words.

And the last but not the list is that you should always remember nothing is impossible! Take some affords and you will succeed!

About the author: Fiona Roberts is interested in cultures, foreign languages, travelling abroad and design. She likes spending her spare time reading books about adventures, watching traveling shows or playing the guitar.