Foreign language learning: best ways of doing that

Foreign language learning

  1. Internet works wonders. Now, online chat is available via both computer and a smartphone or tablet. If the characteristics of the device and allow an acceptable quality of connection, you can communicate with someone. So where one can find a person for communication?
  • Find a pen pal at specific sites like,,,, etc;
  • search companion among friends or colleagues, who learn language;
  • connect with a teacher on Skype who offers English courses. Of course, in this case it is better to carry out the lessons using a computer, but if you are forced by circumstances, it is possible to use a mobile device.
  1. If you listen to the song and at the same time look through the text, the entertainment will turn into an exercise in listening. In addition, you can learn some of new words that will not be superfluous.
  2. Reading news in English is a relatively simple, but very useful task. Compared to the literature reading, it takes a bit less time, but you may not just read in English, but also to learn new words, as well as the latest developments in the world.
  3. Repeat the phrases after native speakers. You found a video in English? Want to speak like people on the video? Then turn on the recording and repeat the phrase after the heroes. Uttered several times suggestions will be deposited in your mind, and then you can use them in conversation.
  4. Video suit visuals – those for whom it is also important to see the picture in addition to listening of the voice in their heads. You can download a video or episodes of your favorite TV series.
  5. Listen to podcasts and audio lessons. There are some websites for you:,,, etc. From any of the suggested resources you can download audio content and listen to it on your gadget. The main advantage of podcasts is that you can listen to them at any time: while cooking at the kitchen, on the way to work or at the cottage. Besides, it’s absolutely free of charge.


About the author: Simon Torres works as a freelance writer. His interests include learning of languages, interior design, sites developing and travelling. Simon also likes working in a team, drawing still life and watching documentaries about dinosaurs.